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Fix problem: Printer is not printing after windows 10 update

Windows 10 is the latest and quite secure operating system of Microsoft. Windows 10 offers some of the free updates with the first year. You can download the latest version of Windows 10 on the official website of Microsoft. The printer mainly faces some of the problems when the Windows 10 update or upgrades its software. Windows could not find the printer and the printer driver and other software. So this problem affects the printer mainly to reconnect it with a computer or laptop.



Once windows 10 upgraded you need to check all the drivers, Softwares and applications installed in the computer are working properly. The printer is connected to the computer with the Windows 10 operating system. The printer is working well and prints scan the entire document properly. When the computer got an update notification from Windows 10, then it may be affected by printer settings.


There are so many reasons behind the printer that could not connect with the computer, printer driver not found, printer driver not available, print spooler not in service and so on.


If your printer is not working when you installed the latest version of Windows 10, it means you need to install the printer driver on your computer. The latest update corrupts all the drivers preinstalled in it or it may be not compatible with the new version of Windows 10. This problem mainly appears in Windows 10, not on Windows 7 and 8.1.

There are some steps and points which help to reconnect the printer to the computer. 


Printer not working on Windows 10:


  • To fix the issue first make sure you restart the computer at once after update Windows.
  • Check the printer is properly connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Also, make sure the internet network is attached to your computer whether it is wired or WiFi network connection.


After checking all the above points, the printer is not working, check your printer is installed or not. Click on the Start button on the computer and go to Settings, then select Devices and click Printer & Scanners. 

If your printer is detected by Windows then it is listed in the main Window. The printer is not detected by the window and not showing in main windows then you need to click on Add a printer or scanner. After adding it, you can wait while the window detects your printer.



If the printer is Old:

If window 10 cannot detect your printer, you can add it manually by click on Add a printer/scanner. You can go on Add a printer/scanner from Devices and Printers in Control panel. When your printer is a bit older and not showing in the list, then you can choose the first option "My printer is a little older, help me find it" and click Next. Windows 10 will search your PC again to connect printer and, probably, detect yours and install it.


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Why my printer isn't connected with Wi-Fi Device Today?

Today is the technology of the smartphone, iPhone, and Mac. You look all surrounding every person use the smartphone.


Now let discuss my topic that printer isn't connected with WI-Fi Device today, I facing problem with printer devices these days. 



A few days, my Hp printer is not printing, this is for me the biggest problem and I'm suffering more problems with document printing. Some document is important for printing today, but I frustrate with the printer. I also check every connection with the printer network and Mac device. I find all connections are right, but the wireless printer is not printing till now.



I have technical knowledge because I also a technical knowledgeful person and some doing jobs in the technical field. So I try to manually set up the printer connection. One time I turn off the printer and after 5 minutes, I again restart the printer, but the printer not responding to doing the printing job.


After I trying to dial toll-free HP printer technical support number +1-888-574-2559 some expert picks the number and I tell all own printer problem. I much very thankful to Printwithus they take my problem and give the instant solution online and my Hp printer is working fine. 



Printer expert online setting provides to my Mac device and printer in very few time. I am happy and satisfied with Printwithus services and My Hp printer wireless setup issue resolve today.   


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Why my Epson Printer is not connecting with Mac or iOS Device?

Epson Printers make your printing experience easier and better. You can easily connect your Epson printer to a Mac or iOS device and get an amazing printing experience. 


In case you are not able to connect your Epson Printer with Mac or iOS Device, you might be experiencing issues such as: Sometimes printer is not printing and You can’t see your printer from your gadget or you get a message that no printers were found.

  • You get a note that software for your device isn’t accessible.
  • Some other printing issue linked to the software on your Mac or iOS device
  • Error light or other condition on the printer
  • The printer doesn’t appear in the list of devices in Printers and Scanners preferences

Let’s also discuss the possible solutions:


If your printer is AirPrint enabled for printing from your Mac or iOS device, just confirm that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network used by Mac or iOS device.


If you still can’t connect, try the following solutions:


  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and then restart your printer.
  • Move your printer nearby to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Update your printer and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware.
  • Update the software for your Mac or iOS device.

If your printer isn’t AirPrint enabled:


  • Disconnect the cable from your Mac if it is connected to the printer.
  • Turn off your printer.
  • Get software updates for your Mac or iOS. 
  • Reconnect the printer to your Mac.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners
  • Choose your printer from the list of available devices.

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How do I fix a Canon printer error U043?

Canon Printer Error U043 arises when the contact of the printhead is damaged and it lost proper connection with the printer. they show error message as "following ink tank canon be recognized". Then you can clean the Printhead leave for dry. Then after resetting the print head back in position.


You follow the step of troubleshooting Canon printer error U043


  1. Turning off the printer and open paper outlet Tray
  2. Pull out the printer cover and remove printer head be carefully
  3. Clean the Printer head nozzles carefully.
  4. After replacing the print head carefully back to its position.
  5. Close your inner cover of the printer and turn on


If your printer again shows error U043 then you can chat with our expert team. We provide all types of printer setup services within 24/7 days.


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How to clean an Epson Printhead by Printwithus

If your Epson printer prints the job as incomplete, faint, or streak with lines, then we can say Epson printer has maximum chance to clogged nozzle problem. That is the main reason as a small number of ink residues dry up and collect in the nozzles. In some other cases Printer is not printing a proper manner.


The main cause of Clogs


You do not change your ink cartridge right away, when you have shown low ink warning then you will ignore this warning message and keep printing until you see faded printouts. When you have to change the ink cartridge by pushing too much ink would smear all over the Printhead where it ends up blocking more nozzles.


  • You don't turn off your printer when you change the ink cartridge
  • Sometimes you don't regularly use the printer is working, so ink dries up. We always suggest you choose a laser printer because the laser printer uses toner powder and does not dry up.
  • Check Printhead Cleaning Cycles
  • Epson printer models have the main feature as an efficient cleaning cycle that will clear out the nozzles in one or two cycles.
  • Make sure the Epson printer is not showing any error on LCD screen Press the Home button and select as SETUP then after select option "Maintenance" after that you can select as "Printhead Nozzle Check" Epson Printer will produce a page with 4 color grids design to illustrate which nozzles are blocked or not.
  • When Ever show no gap are present, then select Done.
  • If show gap is present or lines as faint, select " clean the Printhead"


Printhead can be cleaning done manually in one of several ways.


  • First off all turn your printer off
  • You can clean Sponges with Distilled water in the Inkjet printer model case.
  • Cleaning the Printhead with paper towels

If you have any confusion with how to clean the Printhead, then chat with our technical expert team. Our Printer Support team provides the HP, Canon and Epson Printer Setup Services. You can chat with our expert team at any time.


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Method to setup a Wireless Connection on Canon PIXMA MG3620 Printer?


Canon PIXMA MG3620 Inkjet Printer


The Canon Pixma MG3620 is an Inkjet All-in-one printer. This is a good product and with the budget to use it for office and personal work. This is an all-in-one printer that means you can print, scan, fax and copy your document and photo as well. You can connect it to your computer or phone through Wireless i.e. Wi-Fi, and Wired i.e. USB cable. The wireless connectivity is much better than the wired connection. You can attach your computer and phone with your Wi-Fi and print; scan your document or photo, wherever you want.


The Canon Pixma MG3620 comes with a great convenient feature that automatically powers up the printer always. It means whenever you want to print the document and photo, the printer is activated and the document will be printed over Wi-Fi. You can print it through your phone and computer anywhere in your home. It saves you time and as well as your money. Everyone can access it through wirelessly and easy to use it. Besides this feature, this printer has many other good specifications like the quality of the document, print speed, and color print, automatic duplexing.


This is all about the features of the Canon Pixma MG3620 Inkjet All-in-one printer and now we discuss the methods used to set it up with the printer, iPad or iPod, or phone. Here is some software that is used for setup and they are AirPrint3 for iPhone product, and from Android devices with Mopria4, Canon Print application, and Google Cloud Print. We can set up our device with both types, one is wireless over Wi-Fi and the second is with a USB cable.


How to setup Canon Pixma MG3620 Connection?


After buying the printer, plug the cable and on the power supply. The printer is on and you can copy the document. For print, you need to connect it with your printer by wireless or wired. Look at the points mentioned below to set up your new printer.


  • Before setup, your printer, download the printer driver software manually and then Install it on your computer or laptop. You can also install the driver with disk through the CD drive.


  • Select the connection method you want to connect with your computer and printer. Follow the guidelines on the screen and proceed with the installation process.


  • After doing this, you can check all the functions working; means print, scan and copy the document.


Canon PIXMA MG3620 Printer Wireless setup

Connect through a Wi-Fi connection to your printer with a computer or laptop. Everyone can access it in your home and office share the printer, no need to connect with wired. Get the information on how to set up a wireless connection of Canon Pixma MG3620; we describe the setup printer in detail with images.


  • If the Wi-Fi light is blinking on the printer, press the Stop button.


  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi Button [A] on the printer until the ON light [B] blink.

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Source: http://printwithus.us/blogs/how-to-setup-a-wireless-connection-on-canon-pixma-mg3620-printer

Best Christmas Offers for Canon Pixma MG2522 All in one Inkjet Printer


Looking for buying the best all in one printer for home purposes, you can buy Canon Pixma MG2522. These days most printer popular printer is Canon Pixma MG2522 because it has the main feature such as multifunction Print, scan & copier.


It has the main feature are:


  • Meet all requirement as used for home printer
  • The most affordable inkjet home printer as compared to other printers 
  • Easy to print documents and also have support optional XL ink cartridge so you can replace them less often
  • Hybrid Ink System with 4-Color Cartridge System
  • Print Head Type use as Ink-jet
  • The capacity of plain paper Print, scan, copy scanner up to 60 sheet and OR 20 Sheets of 4 x 6 Glossy Photo Paper
  • Maximum Resolutions as Optical: 600 x 1200 dpi and Print speed (up to) for black: 8.0 I and Color: 4.0 I


Canon printer of tech support services provides 24hours online with the toll-free number. If any problem related to the Canon Pixma MG2522 like the printer is not the printer, then you can chat with our expert team at any time.

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Why my printer is not printing today?

In daily life we are facing with printer problems as the printer is not printing, printer offline error, paper jam, wireless configure, ink cartridge, and more.



Today my printer is not working. This problem occurs due to any reason as paper jam, ink cartridge issue, printer hardware issue, the USB cable is not connected properly, Bad Configurations is a window, and driver issue. This is the common problem arise every day in office a home.


Some step to solving yourself the printer is not printing problem

  • Please check the printer status
  • Cancel all print jobs for your printer
  • Make your printer default
  • Use basic printer troubleshooting
  • Need if require then update printer drivers


Whenever this problem is not resolved by self then you have need some experts to solve this solution, our printer support team 24hours available to solve this printer related problems.


Our expert provides the services for the HP printer Step Services as


  • Printer not Printing Black print
  • Printer not Printing color print
  • Printer won’t print from the computer, laptops, and smartphones
  • Printer won’t print to Email online document format


You can chat with our technical expert team and find the solution for every type of printer issues


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How to solve the paper jam issue in the HP Printer Setup?


Are you facing a problem with a paper jam in the HP printer setup? Paper jam problem is the bigger problem in the Hp printer. This problem is not only hp brands but also in Canon, Brother, Epson, and all types of printer do face paper jam issues in daily routine. According to google report in week maximum time of search strings, that he receives around millions of times, " why does my printer keep jamming paper?"


The main reason for paper jam in HP Printer


  • Wrong paper setting or filling in the paper tray
  • Loading maximum or the wrong size of paper
  • Not the quality of paper used for printing
  • Using Dirty or twisted papers
  • The paper tray has a dust particle


Fixing paper jam in HP Printer


Sometimes printer shows HP Printer is not printing error and then we need a solution for how to solve this type of issue. Now we can discuss some specific steps for applying to fix a printer paper jam.

  • Check manually pull out the paper in the printer
  • Reinstall the printer driver in hp printer
  • Restart manually the printer system
  • Disconnect and again reconnect the printer system from the device (computer or laptops)
  • Manually clean the printer


After that, you can check the printer is printing or not. If not then, you have need help hp printer customer support, they will resolve printer jam problems at a time.

Paper jam in Printer but no paper showing in printer


Clearing the Paper jam in printer


  • For the clear paper jam, pull out the stuck paper with the required hand force with very carefully. Some best method to pull out the jammed paper
  • First of all, you can remove the stuck paper from the loading tray
  • Open the door of the printer and pull out the paper from rear access part
  • Also, pull out the stuck paper from under the front cover
  • Some paper pulls out from the output tray side
  • Some tear paper remove by cartridge or toner forth or back direction 
  • Restart the hp printer setup


Paper jam in Printer but no paper show in printer


Sometimes we remove the paper from all parts of the printer but it still shows the paper jam error or warning this is due to the small piece of paper left inside the printer.

  • Need to Clean the bottom plate of your printer part
  • Move the side gears of the roller with your hands slowly
  • Move freely the gears back and forth motion 
  • You have also need to check some hardware problem
  • Printer cartridge got the stuck problem
  • Problem with printer head in case of canon printer
  • A roller is not moving freely
  • Problem with paper tray alignment in the printer
  • Printer driver issue 


If you have any confusion with printer jam, and problem have not resolved itself by manually, then you can chat with our HP Printer Tech Support Expert Team.


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Source: http://printwithus.us/blogs/how-to-solve-the-paper-jam-issue-in-the-hp-printer

How to fix Error Printing in HP Envy 4520 printer | Hp printer Support Services

In daily Business life, the printer creates many problems as Error Printing in HP Envy 4520 printer, Install Canon MX490 Printer On MAC, printer offline error, wireless printing, printer setup, and more. So you have always needs for printer technical support expert. We provide the best printer support services for all types of printer. You can contact our expert team through live chat. Our support expert available online 24hours. Chat with our expert Today Now!

Visit at: https://printwithus.us/blogs/how-to-fix-error-printing-in-hp-envy-4520-printer

Source: http://printwithus.us/blogs/how-to-fix-error-printing-in-hp-envy-4520-printer